19 September 2012


Assalamualaikum and Heyya!

Best Moments of Life:

1) To fall in love with the one you married
2) To clear your last exam
3) To know that somebody loves you silently
4) To wake up and realize it's still possible to sleep
5) To know that you got extra days of holiday
6) To play in rain
7) Listening to your favourite surah
8) Listening to your favourite song
9) To complete all of your tasks 
10) To have lots of fun with your friends
11) To remember all the fun you have been through with your friends
12) And the last one is right now ..while reading this,there will be a constant smile on your face..
which is one of the best moments!

Hmm. . . for sure there are a lot more of moments in life that we can't even make a list of them.
Haish,teruk benau ayat BI aku ni.
Takpe W.I.P

Copied from a social network friend.

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